Joseph Martinez

Joseph Martinez

Joseph Martinez was born and raised in Denver, Colorado and still resides there to this day. Joseph studied at Art school, he then moved on to intern at the White Walls Gallery in San Francisco - a gallery specializing in collecting Urban Art works. He is a true craftsman with extremely skilled painting techniques, he is comfortable working in many different mediums, such as charcoal, graphite, ink, pen, Oil, Acrylic, Gouache, Spray paint – more or less anything he can get his hands on.

Martinez is inspired by a number of artists, past and present. Aesthetically, his work combines influences from Graffiti culture and classical Oil painting techniques. The use of motifs that represent humanity and mortality are also evident in his work, such as skulls and hearts. Martinez is most well-known for his miniature match-book paintings, including subject matter such as characters from the Star Wars series, famous figures in the show-business world and not-so famous figures in the graffiti world. He likes to focus on creating work that provokes a range of reactions, from wonderment to disgust and likes to create parallels and contradictions between the more figurative aspects of his subject matter and the geometric, graphic-like patterns and shapes that may seem abstract, yet reside within reality, such as advertisement and Graffiti. Many of his match-book works have been previously exhibited across the States – this year alone, Martinez has exhibited three times in San Francisco, and has participated in shows in Denver, DC and Chicago. He will also be a part the Scope Art Show at Miami Beach in December.


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