Scorch 1

Josh Keyes

This image cleverly plays upon the notion of what it means to be a predator. Ostensibly, the Shark underneath the water would normally be considered a vicious and brutal entity. With this said, in this particular picture, first displayed in 2009, the Shark is swimming peacefully under the water whilst violence and destruction is emanating from above. Indeed, in this piece it is the human world that is causing turbulence and has seemingly created a fire out of oil pollution at sea. The inference is that it is not Sharks who prey on humans, but humans who abuse them. An insightful commentary on the abuse of natural resources, mankind comes across as the truly sadistic species in the animal kingdom.


  • Artist: Josh Keyes
  • Year: 2011
  • Medium: Giclee Print on Archival Paper (Signed and framed.)
  • Size: 60.9cm x 45.7cm
  • Edition: Edition of 350
  • Price: POA


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