Banksy's "Better Out Than In" Residency Drawing To An End

by Unlawful Art Team

Banksy (or rather “Ban-sky”) and his team have been hard at work this?month, delivering the people of New York his unofficial residency painting?the town Red (well, more of a monochrome colour-way actually – excusing?his plastered Balloon in Brooklyn.) Whilst many traditional stencil-based?pieces were appearing, what took most of the city by storm were his?quirky, live (and some on-going) performance pieces, such as the Mobile?Garden and Sirens of the Lambs Trucks, Ronald McDonald and his scruffy?shoe-shine boy and most popular, his $60 Art Stall, selling original?authentic and signed Banksy canvases in Central Park, for one day only.?The stall was run by one man, and he only managed to sell canvases to?three different people. Many have viewed this particular stunt as his best?piece so far, making a dig at the current Contemporary Art market and what?our perception is of valuable and un-valuable art.

??As many already know, Banksy is a very controversial artist dealing with?sensitive, sometimes taboo subjects in his work. So far in this show he?has already commented on issues such as, Animal cruelty, within pieces?like the “Sirens of The Lambs” truck. Censorship within the media and?“whistleblowing” are confronted in pieces like the Crazy Horse?Installation, “this site contains blocked messages” and Banksy’s?un-published open-ed column in the NY Times. The latter piece has caused?quite a stir within the community and many people were offended by?Banksy’s thoughts. Banksy’s column referred to the 1 WTC as a,?“shyscraper”, “Canadian” and “104 floors of compromise?” New York has been?split down the middle with regards to these comments, with many being?outraged about how someone could negatively speak about a building that ?represents memoriam for the 9/11 events. On the other hand, a number of?residents agree with Banksys opinions, and feel his article refers to the?“boringess” and disliking of the aesthetics of the building, rather than ?what it represents.

??Other pieces, with a more positive bearing, would be his two mini?“sub-exhibitions” that have taken place. The first being his three day?show, with Brazilian brothers Os Gemeos, collaborating on two large?paintings. It was held under a train bridge on West 24th Street, and an?old water cooler filled with Red Wine acted as refreshments for the crowds?viewing the works. His second “sub-show” was the one at the Bowery which?was also 3 days long. This involved the Grim Reaper whizzing around on his?“Death-Dodgem” and occasionally sniggering sinisterly to “Don’t Fear the? Reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult.

??We are still patiently waiting for what Banksy will adorn on his site?today, and we are guessing it will not disappoint - whatever it is.?Today’s piece will be the third from last, and in typical Banksy style, we?are expecting him to go out with a BANG on the 31st – So Watch Out and?Happy Halloween Folks!!


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