About Unlawful Art

Founded in early 2013, Unlawful Art specializing in sourcing and acquiring the finest urban contemporary artworks. From Blackpool to Sao Paulo, we aim to promote established and emerging artist of all styles from all backgrounds.

Many of our artists have thrived outside of the conventional gallery system, in many instances, self-taught and evolving their style on the streets through graffiti, design or illustration.

Unlawful Art strives to make buying and collecting art accessible and affordable with our range of originals artworks, limited editions and exclusive print releases.

We aspire to provide the best possible service to our clientele base, and through our global network of trading contacts and gallerists we are able to source a range of artworks, from icon classics to the next big talents.

Unlawful Art can assist in providing exclusive services such as the organisation of commissioned works or projects, whether it is a large corporate re-fit or a small canvas for your living room.


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