London based street artist Fanakapan is well known for his realistic balloon animals and letters. The first mural “House Party” is situated in Camden Town, London.

Fanakapan is a prolific artist based in London whose art leaves smiles on peoples faces. He has travelled the world leaving 3D balloons and other 3D murals in every port he visits.  Tim Jentsch from the ISSA team met with Fan and found out more about himself and his art.

Here’s what Fanakapan said in a recent interview:

“I come from a prop making background, So I take inspiration from actual 3D objects mainly. I can’t use photoshop, at all, so I figure out ways around that and can see the potential in objects to suit what may be rattling around my head.

The hardest part of my job is usually the weather. I was up a 9 meter ladder in high winds and rain a few weeks ago in Shoreditch, London and that was tough. Access to walls sometimes stops plans. I had to use a forklift with a wooden pallet on it in Florida last year and just tried not to die. Apart from that it’s usually pretty straight forward”

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Artwork by Fanakapan


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