Nomad is a German artist born 1970 in Berlin whose works connects his sensitive artistic side with the ornamental style of his street art and the graphic with the sketchy. There are clearly influences from classical painting, in particular from the Renaissance period. As a result, Nomad’s painting does not aim to be complete – it is an inventory of the here and now that adapts social reality and processes it multi-dimensionally. It retains the ease and aesthetic of his freely improvised work on the street. Nomad’s works are simple celebration of freedom, life and its vanity.

Throughout twenty turbulent years, Nomad spent time at the centre of the Berlin graffiti scene and encountered life as a homeless street artist in San Francisco. He slept next to junkies in the park and washed himself every morning inside a McDonald’s bathroom. Today, he has finally made it within the art world.

Educated and inspired by skateboarding, Hardcore Punk, Graffiti, Hip Hop and Rave Countercultures of the 80’s, his visual imprint on the early Berlin street art scene was and still is immense. Thousands freestyle roadside trash paintings and marker drawings on streets, earned him countless admirers and collectors and made his art visible all over the world – from blogs and books to the homes of Hollywood Stars like Shepard Fairy, Salma Hayek, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.

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