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Artist Shepard Fairey has long been haunting consumer culture with an ambition mocking street campaign featuring an omnipresent Andre the Giant.

An astute student in the arts of persuasion, Fairey began his epic satire on the science of celebrity endorsements and the alchemy of suggesting desire back in 1989, while he was still a student at The Rhode Island School of Design.

Since then, his propaganda has proliferated through stickers, clothing, skateboards, posters, stencil based graffiti and even a documentary film, spreading over the United States and the unsuspecting world at large.

Currently based in Los Angeles, where his design firm Studio Number One is landinghigh-level corporate accounts from companies eager to see how his
commercial parodies can help sell their products, Fairey’s rising success has helped transform his once homemade Xerox style into lush multicoloured screen prints. There’s no telling what these images are selling, but whatever it is, it’s all so seductive that it’s hard to resist.

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Artwork by Shepard Fairey


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