Sliks grew up within the manic hustle and bustle of São Paulo City and started painting his town from a very young age, back in the mid 1990’s. He started out as a member of a low-fi Graffiti Crew that was involved within the South American Tagging movement called Pixação.

As his painting trips became bigger and more elaborate, his skills developed and his styles evolved. You can see a number of influences within Sliks works, from his interest in Calligraphy, to his passion for 1980’s/90’s Western Graffiti culture. Rafael (AKA Sliks) was a very lonely child, and he always felt slightly separated or isolated from many of his peer groups.

As he matured, he developed a great interest in viewing his urban environment as a Megalopolis style dwelling. His works aim to focus on the concept of the inner workings of a megalopolis and how a city or urban environment moves forward, like a heart beating or a clock ticking.

His abstract layers of thick lines and forms, thin ones, a variation of colours, movements/motions all represent the chaos of a city. His murals are metaphors for what a megalopolis represents – marks and lines crossover, and clash.

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