Sonny Sundancer


Sonny is one of South Africa’s most exciting young street artists. British-born Sonny is well-known for his large-scale murals of wildlife, his absolute passion. Dedicated to his work, Sonny believes that the wellbeing of animals is intricately tied to our own ability to thrive. Sonny has spent the last year of his creative life curating a new body of artwork to highlight the extinction crisis the world is currently facing. Sonny’s mission is to raise awareness of this and his new exhibition ‘To The Bone’ aims to raise funds and awareness for endangered wildlife before it’s too late.

Sonny grew up in Manchester, the United Kingdom before he moved to South Africa when he was 11 years old. Sonny has always been intrigued by graffiti and street art and then in his twenties started to pursue his loved for street art creatively. Finishing his first street mural in 2014, Sonny also had a few indoor murals under his belt and at this point, he knew this was his passion and his creative mission.

Known for large murals of wildlife you can see Sonny all around the world in profound locations which provoke passers-by to take intrigue into the work, spreading the word about his initiative to protect endangered wildlife. His work is profound and his aim is to have his large-scale murals in as many places globally as possible. Not only will you spot Sonny in huge built up cities but he is taking his work to small, remote villages in rural areas across the globe.

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