Originally from France, Zabou moved to and started painting London in 2012. She has since then been on a self-appointed mission to paint as much of the capital as possible. With a seemingly endless supply of fresh designs to work with, she is very much one of London’s most proactive artists.

Her works are striking, humourous and thought-provoking. Working with freehand techniques, she likes to question society and to poke fun at conformists. First and foremost however is the fact that each of Zabou’s subjects are drawn from her personal experiences, taking what she sees around her and projecting it to a new audience.

Beyond this, and what is fundamental about Zabou’s work, is her innate ability to integrate the location and surroundings with her artworks: not just wishing to paint on the street, she makes them part of the street. The pieces harmonise with their surroundings and in turn create something which allows its audience to engage with the work as an installation. This is the very essence of street art and something few artists master, but certainly one of Zabou’s greatest talents.

Her witty and thoughtful designs have given her a much sought after reputation, leading her to travel the world to spread her artistic message of love, fun or rebellion. She has painted in England, France, Italy, Portugal, Cyprus, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Israel, Dubai and the U.S.A. Beyond her travels, Zabou’s accomplishments include speaking events such as the prestigious TedX conferences, seeing her artwork published in books as well as being exhibited multiple times at the famous Saatchi Gallery in London.

Zabou is an artist whose techniques and boldness are constantly evolving. She is certainly not set to be stopping on her journey anytime soon, fortunately she has to much left to say to the world.

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