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Loretto is a London based graffiti artist who many believe is originally from South London and has been active for the last 10 years. He started grabbing the attention of the media in the last 8 years, having appeared in several publications for his controversial and sometimes political prints, murals and stencils.

Some of his older pieces can still be found and seen in diverse areas around London aswell as some of his stencils. The Londonist said this “Loretto’s work plays on the icons of politics and popular culture, often with a wry or surreal edge. Comparison with Banksy are inevitable, though the style is perhaps closer to the colourful stencils of Pegasus”. Loretto is often described as being a prolific artist, offering original contemporary images, using a stencil and spray paint technique. His work has two different sides: one is the satirical view of celebrities, the other focuses on aspects of human nature and psychology.

For those of you that spotted the politically provocative ‘The Psychos’ stencil, you’ll have seen “Kim Jong-Un noodles away on the electric, Don belts out the vocals, while sad Vlad holds it together on drums. If only international diplomacy were as harmonious as ultimate supergroup The Psychos” said Londonist.

Unlawful Art released this controversial conversation starter stencil as a print exclusively with Loretto and this April a new Loretto will be landing in our Art Drop’s. This work of art which will take form in a signed print by the artist will provoke thoughts about consumerism, how much we love earth and will feature something a little out of this world.
Keep your eyes peeled on our Art Drop page, in our newsletter and across our social media as we will have a limited amount of prints available to purchase. Another conversation started that could be hanging in your home for your own sense of humour or, in fact, to humour any houseguests!
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