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Hey Folks! It’s time for one of our artist updates.

We just thought we would let you all know that the Unlawful Art team have just started working very closely with an exciting, up and coming Artist from Sao Paulo in Brazil.

The Brazilian painter we are referring to is none other than tagging fanatic, Sliks. Sliks grew up within the manic hustle and bustle of Sao Paulo City and started painting his town from a very young age, back in the mid 1990’s. He started out as a member of a low-fi Graffiti Crew that was involved within the South American Tagging movement called Pixacao.

As his painting trips became bigger and more elaborate, his skills developed and his styles changed and evolved. You can see a number of influences within Sliks works, from his interest in Calligraphy, to his passion for 80’s and 90’s American Graffiti culture.

Rafael (AKA Sliks) was a very lonely child, and he always felt slightly separated or isolated from many of his peer groups. As he matured, he developed a great interest in viewing his urban environment as a Megalopolis style dwelling. His works aim to focus on the concept of the inner workings of a megalopolis and how a city or urban environment moves forward, like a heart beating or a clock ticking. His abstract layers of thick lines and forms, thin ones, a variation of colours, movements/motions all represent the chaos of a city. His murals are metaphors for what a megalopolis represents – marks and lines crossover, and clash.

Sliks doesn’t only create these Jackson-Pollock inspired works he has also produced an ongoing body of work called “Tags Face”. This project involves his Pixacao background a lot more and this particular body of work is evident indoors (on magazines and photgraphs) and outdoors (billboards and posters.) Here is what Rafael has to say about his “Tags Face” works on his site:

“Tags are made on photos of faces of famous personalities, models, and advertising artists, with the purpose of hiding, breaking aesthetics, transforming the real identity, causing impact and even uncomfortableness for the viewer.”

Sliks has been very busy recently, with an exhibition in Sao Paulo back in July with fellow Urban Artist Kaur at the A7MA Gallery. This was a very interesting show, with Sliks hanging various sized canvases up on the walls, and then producing his beautiful layered murals on top of the walls, so you could take home a section of his mural that would be on canvas. Sliks came up with the concept to question and blur the lines between street and gallery-based art works.

He has also been involved in a huge group show that recently opened in a Gallery in Cologne, Germany. The show features works from some top names within the Urban Art realm such as, Ben Eine, Prefab77, Shoe, Dain, Twoone and many more.

Rafael is currently in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, and is contributing to the ArtRua Festival. He will be creating one of his signature murals for the event, using his overlapping chaotic styles to represent the non-stop movement of Rio de Janeiro.

So, that’s a general update for you guys on what Sliks is up to at the moment. Don’t worry, we will be bringing you more news in the near future, and keeping you in the loop on anymore developments with the Brazilian Painter.

Until then, enjoy your day people!

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