In Banksy

Do you fancy owning your very own original Banksy? Thought as much. Join the queue for the Banksy Boat Raffle at Choose Love. The Help Refugees pop up in Carnaby Street is open this December and you could bag your very own Banksy for as little as £2.00, all you have to do is guess the weight and can make as many guesses as you like until your heart is content.

A Not So Dismal Donation

The boat, a piece from the artist’s temporary art project ‘bemusement’ park ‘Dismaland’, was part of a movement to raise awareness of the ongoing refugee crisis. Banksy donated the wood from Dismaland to help build shelters in Calais and has continued to keep the crisis an ongoing conversation as he painted murals across the capitals London and Paris in the hope for a greater response.

Why Choose Love?

Choose Love, a charity which is deemed to be close to the artist’s heart, have said about the raffle “This coin operated sculpture was created by the graffiti artist Banksy as part of his acclaimed theme park Dismaland. Is it a darkly satirical work of art or a remote control toy in very bad taste? It might be both. It certainly is unique and it could be yours in time for Christmas. All donations will go directly to supporting refugees and displaced people”.

The store Choose Love is the first real store where you can buy real gifts for refugees, containing practical items. You can purchase much-needed items such as tents, nappies, supplies and sleeping bags for those in difficult situations.  Instead of taking those items home, each purchase buys a similar item for someone in need and it will go directly to them. 

Get Involved

The Banksy boat raffle is open for entry until 8 pm on December 22nd 2018.  Head over and see it on display this month in the pop up Choose Love store at 30-32 Fouberts Place, Carnaby Street, London, W1F 7PS.

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