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Apparently, it’s not a political debate unless Banksy shows up and has something to say about it with is art. Rest assured, the latest peaceful protest from the Extinction rebellion did not go unnoticed by the worlds favourite street artist.

A Banksy wall mural has been spotted, which to many validates the protest about climate change by so many people showing up on Hyde Park Corner, the mural features an image of a child holding an Extinction Rebellion sign next to a small plant dug in the ground, with the words: ‘From this moment despair ends and tactics begin.’

Experts say it is most certainly a Banksy and has been valued at £1 million, if it could ever be removed from it’s spot. Many also say that perhaps Banksy was at the protest himself alongside many others, perhaps he has something he wanted to say about climate change, our government and the planet. Banksy leads the way with conversationally provocative works about politics, take a look at his work in Palestine for example, a place where Unlawful Art recently headed to check out his murals and message about the divide in the middle east.

Timeout said “it’s not a real protest until Banksy shows up and sprays something like ‘wake up sheeple, the government is BAD’ on a wall. So you can imagine that the valiant warriors of last week’s Extinction Rebellion were feeling pretty silly, fighting climate change on the streets of London day after day without even the merest whiff of spraypaint.

But we can rest easy now because the Extinction Rebellion’s efforts have been validated. As they cleared their Marble Arch camp, a new stencilled work appeared on a wall overnight. It shows a young girl crouched next to a sapling, the words ‘From this moment despair ends and tactics begin’ scrawled alongside her, proving that the real revolution is grammatical: we’re not going to save the planet with commas, people”

So if you want to check out a Banksy original for yourself just head over to Marble Arch, London and check it out.

Apparently, if it’s proven to be a Banksy then that would mean he is fully supporting the protest and work by Extinction Rebellion which in theory would push their message about climate change worldwide.

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