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Banksy’s largest canvas has gone back on display in Bristol, UK. In fact it went on display on original Brexit deadline date of March 29 and has created such a hype since of people trying to get hold of a print — no shock there then! This Banksy piece which was first shown back in 2009, Devolved Parliament, depicts politicians in the UK House of Commons as chimpanzees.

This particular Banksy was snapped up by a collector and loaned it to the museum. To mark 20 years since it was last on display it was again shown in the Bristol museum but this time, poetically, it is on display as we are about to Brexit (opened on the day the UK was supposed to leave the EU)

Devolved Parliament will be on display at the Bristol Museum from the 28th March to the 1st September 2019. Entry is free, so why not go and see it.

Banksy is known for being politically provocative and we have many artists in stock who have followed his lead in the way of being outspoken in the state of the world today.  You should check out our established and emerging street artists in our street artist shop here. If you know an artist ( a rising street art star ) we would also like to hear from you.

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