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Banksy has unveiled his newest piece of artwork on a repurposed door from Heathrow Airport.

The artist from Bristol makes a Brexit-related statement in the painting titled ‘Keep Ou’, which now adorns the former EU customs gate. Onlookers can see a rat holding a ‘T’ from a ‘Keep Out’ sign to break open a padlock on the border gate.

As the Telegraph said “The piece is not the first time the anonymous artist has subtly criticised the decision to leave the EU” and they are quite right. Banksy, our favourite anonymous artist who brought street art to the forefront of everyone’s minds is often seen to be politically provocative when he creates his work.

The new Banksy piece takes us back to a recent piece which took a stab at Brexit, the piece was titled ‘Vote to Love’, which had a heart sprayed over a UKIP ‘Vote to Leave’ placard.

This tongue in cheek and again provocative piece was almost jokingly priced at £350 million (but who knows if it’s actually worth that) aimed at taunting Boris Johnson’s infamous bus which went across the UK pledging to save the same amount for the NHS post-Brexit.

If you want to take a look at Banksy’s Keep Ou in person if you want to see it for yourself at London’s Royal Academy from June 10 to August 12. Here’s the address:

Royal Academy of Arts 
Burlington House
Piccadilly, Mayfair


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