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Jaune is a street artist from Belgium, whose work focuses mainly on creating interesting and funny situations in the street environment using his garbage men stencils. We’ve blogged about Jaune in the past, and this time we managed to pin him down for an interview. We visited the artist in his studio in Brussels a couple of months back when we were in the process of preparing a new screen print edition of his work. We had a quick chat and this is what we discussed:

Where do you see your garbage men going in the future – is it a theme you want to continue exploring? I will still continue working with them but I will also add different characters, with different professions, such as policemen, construction workers, firemen and all the public services.

Where was to date, your favourite place to paint? I don’t know… I really liked Portugal, in Porto. There were stairs with a waterfall and it was amazing because it was just improvisation – I didn’t have all the necessary stencils to make it but it worked out well in the end. Also places with palm trees and sun, I like it – Miami was amazing but Portugal was probably one of the best experiences I had.

Was it because there was the added challenge of not having all the stencils? Yes, the added challenge and also because the mentality is really free about painting there (and it was sunny). I was quite not yet finished painting and there were a lot of people around due to a big street party and they were super happy watching what I was doing and liked what I painted. I didn’t ask anyone for permission to paint so it was kind of funny and there was a big celebration happening around it so it was a good moment.

What would be your dream project/location? At the moment I would really like to paint in Japan but I think that if I go there I will need to have very specific characters. I don’t know quite yet what they will be but it’s something I’ve been thinking about. If you can help me find a way to get there faster just let me know!

You’ve recently been to Canada and did some interesting projects there, where will you be going next? Canada again, but first I will be going to Los Angeles for Pow Wow and a thing at a museum then I should probably go back to Montreal, maybe Denver later, then Italy, then California again and then I would like to go back to Miami as it was a lot of fun, then California again. For the moment it looks like it’s more California, but Amsterdam too – and there I can just go by train.

Are you self-taught or did you go to art school? I studied Graphic Design but that was shit as it was more about advertising than creativity, so I had the luck to change my career and take a step towards art.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into street art? Maybe make it different and just do it for yourself – maybe that would be the best advice I can give to anyone. Don’t make it because you want to be a street artist, make it to develop your work and make it your own.

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