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As we have mentioned before on our blog, we’re been involved in organising a show for Loretto in collaboration with Graffik Gallery. This was the first time the artwork was put onto canvas and made available to buy, making this an excellent opportunity to not only see the artwork for the first time in this form, but also to buy pieces by one of the hottest artists of the moment.

The show was a success and we were happy to have had some additional coverage by a few reputable news outlets in London. Here is a selection of a few of the articles, for your enjoyment:

Big Issue, 3rd of July 2018

The artist told The Big Issue that it was Street Cat Bob, who features in many of his pieces, who inspired him to turn his attention to the iconic red tabard. “With his humble origins, the simplicity strength and the power of its message, speaks to me,” he said. “The same can also be said about Jesus, that’s if we leave aside all the religious connotations. But the stories of them both have a lot in common.”

Camden New Journal, 6th of July 2018

STREET murals of the London mayor Sadiq Khan and prime minister Theresa May dressed provocatively have been removed after complaints they were “contentious”.

Displayed on the side of the Food Bazaar Café in Gray’s Inn Road in Holborn, private contractors Veolia removed the mural two weeks ago.

The stencil, painted by graffiti artist Loretto, showed the Mayor almost nude, emulating a strip dancer performing for a joyous crowd, with only a bow tie and “mankini” to protect his modesty.

Daily Mail, 17th of July 2018

Café owner Said Effafali told the Camden New Journal: ‘I explained to them that if one person complains, then 99 still like it.

‘Art is not to everybody’s liking. Of course you’ll offend people, but a majority likes it. We don’t know what’s not offensive any more.’

Mr Effafali said the controversial art had driven up business as hundreds of tourists stopped to take photos. 


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