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Hi Folks,

Just to let you all know, that we currently have new original works up for sale on the site by new up and coming artist Lowdown. Lowdown hails from Blackpool and believe it or not, this fresh talent is only aged 22!

Eventhough this artist is a youngster, he has developed a strongly unique style, using unusual and original techniques, whilst utilising the classic subjectivity of portraiture. His urban take on a classic subject conjurs up a distinctive and endearing aesthetic. Lowdown’s “sitters” (also working from photography) tend to be “old boys”, with crinkly, cracked and creased faces, portrayed with a combination of free hand brushstrokes/smudges and stencilled sections of tone and colour.

Lowdown also works out on the streets painting his faces on as many walls as he possibly can. When working indoors, he prefers the use of canvas or metal. All of the pieces we currently have on offer are on canvas and are quite large pieces – one would make a great focal piece in the home.

So if you are interested in purchasing one of Lowdown’s Canvases, please make an offer on any of the pieces you like (all of which are Untitled) and we will get back to you as soon as we can, Lowdown is also open to any comissions on other original pieces, so please contact us for further information on these.

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