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Waleska Nomura our street artist in the spotlight who is also our favourite ‘Love Activist’ is gearing up to get herself to London in late September where she will have a solo show called ‘Spread The Love’, a collaboration hosted by Unlawful Art & Graffik Gallery. The focus of this show will be an incredible print, her hearts and what she does on a worldwide scale to spread love through her spraying and cultivating colourful creations, mainly using hearts.

If you’re new to hearing about Waleska, she has been spraying the favelas in the streets of Brazil since 1990 and cultivating love in deprived communities using colour all over the world since. From the streets of Brazil all the way to the streets of Brighton and now to London we’ll be helping her put on a showstopping solo show in the heart of Portobello Road where there will be an immersive print available to purchase, a print like no other.

Primarily you will be able to see Waleska’s work in Brazil, Brighton and London but this creative started on the streets of Brazil and kept herself busy in Stockwell before she met her equally creative husband. Waleska can now be seen using her wall murals to create positive vibes across the globe and her philanthropy has been picked up by the likes of Glastonbury who asked her to paint an epic wall mural for the festival-goers to get a feel for the positivity she spreads around.

If you want to know more about Waleska, become part of the community she has created of fellow spreaders of love, if you want to check out her work or just learn more about the impact that she has had on peoples lives globally just with how her artwork makes people feel then you can RSVP to join us in September to get on the guestlist for her solo show. (Exact dates to be confirmed)

RSVP by emailing

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