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Want to see a 136-kilogram concrete Bansky? Well, you can if you head to Canada. Street art meets streetwear in Whistler where store owners of Jonathan+Olivia have installed a huge piece by the British Artist. He’s a street artist but this one, in particular, was not found on the streets…

The piece which would cost a pretty-penny had been in storage for a long time in Paris, France by the owner Nic Jones who suggested he had it shipped back for his wife Jackie. The married pair who co-own the streetwear store said of the “Bombing Middle England’ piece “We’re in Whistler now. Let’s give Whistler a piece of crazy art that people can come and see. It’s a little tourist attraction.” The piece is not light in weight or in heart as it depicts older people throwing bombs.

This particular Banksy dates back to 2003 when Nic Jones was first joined a boutique and art collective in Paris called “Surface to Air”. The shop hosted a group show in its basement called Graffiti, Lies & Deviousness that celebrated and marked Banksy’s first official exhibit. It was during that show that Banksy privately created Bombing Middle England, a two-metre by 60-centimetre stencil on concrete. “Fifteen years on, he’s a world-renowned artist,” Jones says.

“The piece is not authenticated by Banksy,” Jones adds. “Like all art he does, this is a peculiar piece because it’s not something that was on the street. It was kind of a gift from him to Surface to Air.”

The couple has also said of the piece “It’s there to be viewed by the public, it’ll never be authenticated for sale. It’s there for public viewing, which was the initial intention of Banksy. It was a gift to me and my business partners, not to make money off the back of it. This is why we got it.”

Supported by Steel and with plans for it to go absolutely nowhere – if you’re a huge fan particularly of those pieces from Banksy back in the noughties, then you just have to head to Toronto.

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