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Unlawful Art is super excited to be bringing exclusively to print a piece by And Wot, a London born street artist. We will be working with And Wot to bring a wall mural ‘Spread The Love’ (one that we were lucky enough to have first-hand viewing) to print and can’t wait for you guys to get your hands on one. We will drop this UNLAWFUL print on 8th February so we can try and get it out for Valentine’s day and will be giving one away to one lucky winner in one of our competitions. We will have a limited amount of the ‘Spread The Love’ print so keep your eyes peeled on our art drop page and / or sign up for more details.

Who is And Wot?

And Wot is a born and bred North Londoner and has been working with spray cans for about 20 years, mainly creating graffiti tags in his teenage years. Almost a decade ago And Wot became interested in painting and started creating and designing artwork using the spray can but covering a wider variety of themes. This has now developed him into using many different techniques and mediums, including intricate stencil work and also using digital art to create layered collage pieces. He is now proud to have his artwork hanging in the homes of clients as far as New York, Spain and Dubai, as well as closer to home. And Wot has some really cool pieces dotted around the globe and beyond and we are so pleased that we will now be offering prints for those Street Artist Connesieurs to get pieces that they love on the street to hang in their sitting room.

More about Art Drops At UNLAWFUL 

Unlawful Art is choosing to work closely with up and coming Street Artists to ensure their work gets the exposure that it deserves. You will find us working with some really cool artists from all around the world who want to showcase their work in print via Unlawful Prints. We won’t be making many of each print but we do expect to sell out of each artist quite quickly.

Want To Get Your Work Out There?

Is there a street artist that you really love? Or are you a Street Artist aspiring to get work out to the wider world other than just the streets in your local area or city? We would love to have one of our team check out your work and see what we can do together. We’re always on the lookout for creatives and the key is unique, cool and quality work that the world needs to see.

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