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UA: Hello Bao thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for us at Unlawful Art! How did you first get into creating work for the streets?

BAO: A few years ago I was travelling in Europe and when I was in Italy I met some graffiti artists. They let me paint my first mural and showed me the world of street art.

UA: Do you prefer spending time painting murals or working on personal art projects in a studio?

BAO: Murals for me would be more interesting. I dont have a studio so its hard for me to create canvases. Most important is painting on the street makes

me interacting with people. To create something for the community and showing my work to the public is more interesting.

UA: Do you have a favourite project youve worked on?

BAO: Ive been quite happy with my projects (most of the time) so it’s difficult to choose a favourite one. Lately, I have a collaboration with Tumi which is a travelling collection including suitcases and bags. Since travelling means a lot to me so Im super happy to create my own travel set and traveling with it. 

UA: Where do you draw your inspiration from for your practice?

BAO: I got influenced by Japanese manga since I was

little. And it’s still giving me lots of inspiration. But I think actually anything can inspire me. 

UA: Who are your biggest artistic influences past & present?

BAO: Cant really tell who is the biggest. I read really a lot of manga and watch loads of animation. I got influenced by each of them. Many people told me my work remind them Miyazaki(I wish Im great like him even just little bit lol). Maybe I got most inspired by him

UA: Is there anyone past or present that you would love to collaborate on a project with?

BAO: Ghibli, I think making an animation is my dream for now 

UA: How would describe street arts progress in recent decades and where do you see it in another 10years?

BAO: In Hong Kong, street art was getting very popular for these 3-4 years. People get to know more and be more interested in it. I wish it will last for long and we can create a better scene and culture. The government also paying attention with it but theyre still lacking sense. I wish they can do a better job 

UA: What are the biggest issues you think the world faces at the moment and is there anyone making work to highlight it?

The big fire of Amazon and other forests. Many people are trying to do something to catch others attention to it as it’s affecting the whole world. We all might think we are too small to do something but even we try to eat less meat or less wasting energy is helping. And when we do that and spread it to our friends and family thats not a small thing anymore.

UA: Whats next for you and your practice got anything exciting in the pipeline?

BAO: Finishing some work and Ill start to try sculpturing my characters

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IG: @Simplebao


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