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Fabio de Oliveira Parnaiba, better known as Cranio which means “skull” in English was born in 1982 and grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil. We’re a huge fan of Crania’s work, he gets his inspiration from life, cartoons and the famous painter Salvador Dali. The artist has been improving his techniques, innovating in the context but has remained consistent and never lost his style.

You’ll be able to spot work by Cranio with his trademark blue Indian. His trademark is the result of his search for a character that could show the indigenous people from Brazil, where he grew up. With their blue and a rather distinctive shape, these blue Indians often find themselves in funny and eye-catching situations which seem to provoke the observer to think about current affairs and difficult topics of discussion such as politics, war, consumerism and more. 

Widewalls said this about Cranio “In addition to the beautifying his home city, and many cities throughout the world, he also started painting. The blue Indian characters have become his trademark. It all started as his desire to show the indigenous people from Brazil and all the troubles they’re facing in the unforgiving contemporary world, but the process has outgrown its original idea, and the characters and the situations they’re finding themselves in are now almost universally applicable.

His mediums are acrylic on canvas and spray paint on walls, but he likes to mix them up a little, so some of his artworks are spray paint on canvases. All of his characters are reminiscent of Brazil, whether they are wearing a sports jersey or carrying a Brazilian flag, but the themes Cranio explores are universal. Inspired by the life around him, he tackles the issues of political corruption, environmental disasters, or the ever-present and never-stronger consumerism. His themes are dark indeed, but instead of depicting the things exactly as they are, he rather includes the elements of humour, making them easily digestible without giving up on the significance or the power of the messages that the artworks are sending. The artist is heavily influenced by cartoons and the work of Salvador Dalí.”


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