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Unlawful Art is delighted to have spotted some pieces by Jose Sabate aka “Pez” at Miami Art Week 2018. For those of you that don’t know about Pez – he started painting back in 1999 in Barcelona, which is his hometown and very quickly got into street art just by painting his signature. Soon after he adopted Pez (Spanish for fish) and before he knew it he became a celebrity in and around Barcelona, as his smiling fish character became familiar and notable. The artist had found a way to communicate with the general public and spread good vibes to passers-by in Barcelona.

Over the last decade, Pez has been influenced by comic and urban subcultures and has exhibited in Bogotá, Barcelona, Hamburg, Paris, London, NY, Portland and Los Angeles and just before that toured Asia with K-Swiss as well as travelled around Spain invited by graffiti contests and urban art exhibitions: Madrid, Pamplona, Las Palmas, Valencia, Bilbao, Sevilla. After a few years, he began spreading his smile around Europe and was invited to show his work in art galleries in Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and Milan, just to name a few places. 

Over the years Pez has developed and grown as an artist introducing demons, angels, giraffes and Martians into his work as well as his famous fish character with a huge smile. The work of Pez is infectious, positive and full of good vibes only. You can now catch his work at festivals, in galleries, at art auctions and across the globe in international art fairs.

Unlawful art is proud to be shouting about Pez and having him in the spotlight. In fact, now has his own products up for grabs. You can get your own Pez graffiti spray cans, backpacks, mobile cases and apparel. Check it out here. Or if you would like to see more of the work that Pez has put together you can take a look here on his website.  

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