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Unlawful Art met with Trafik – our street artist of the moment – who we are working with very closely to bring a limited amount of brand new prints. We can’t wait to drop them on Friday 25th January and get hs work hanging in some homes. For those of you that have seen Trafik’s work you will be familiar with his trademark chimps and cool mural technique and for those of you that want to know more about him – check out the Unlawful Art interview with him below or enquire about our UNLAWFUL PRINTS here.
Unlawful: How long have you been painting for?
TRAFIK: Since the early eighties, It’s been about 35 years now that I’ve been painting on walls.
Unlawful: What drove you to start painting on the streets?
TRAFIK: It’s where graffiti lives and it was a way of interacting with the immediate environment and also to live amongst those interactions. The creative freedom that spray paint offered to a young mind was hard to resist.
Unlawful: What inspires your art the most?
TRAFIK: Life.. emotion, trying to capture the unseen.
Unlawful: You can’t be found on social media, is there a reason for this?
TRAFIK: Could  just be a generational thing, I have social media accounts but they’re not really used for self promotion.
Unlawful: You’ve been painting a lot of murals featuring chimpanzees. What is 
the reason behind it?
TRAFIK: They appeal to my simian roots..I personally find them to be relatable and more emotive than humans in the sense that their feelings are unmasked. To paint a human the identity of the individual becomes a large part of the subject matter whereas the anonymity of the ape allows me to focus more on emotion as the subject.
Unlawful: Where would you like to paint that you haven’t painted yet?
TRAFIK: My studio, one of these days…
If you’re interested in any of our print drops, upcoming print releases or are a street artist that would like to meet one of the unlawful team to talk about how we can work together – get in touch here.
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