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Such a welcome surprise to the visitors of The Walled Off Hotel as Banksy has a new, incredible piece of work inside the hotel installed right across from the hotel reception overnight. The hotel aims to bring forward conversation of the divide in the middle east in said place, Banksy’s new piece is curated from concrete and seems to be a replication of the separation barrier of the wall built by Israel along the West Bank in Bethlehem, a wall that is 400 miles long.

For those who are intrigued by The Walled Off Hotel and haven’t visited – it sits right by the West Bank’s grey and gloomy concrete walls, spanning 810 kilometres and 20 feet tall. If you travel along the wall you will find it covered with statements like “Make Hummus Not Walls” or artwork such as “Alice in Palestinian Wonderland.” Beautiful art bringing to light the awful truth about the war in the middle east.

The hotel doesn’t intend to be a luxurious hotel, it’s a place to spark a conversation whilst people visit or choose to stay the night. Each piece of art installed sparks introspection of the world we live in today and the war happening right outside the hotel’s very windows.

Banksy’s latest piece of art is very simple – it’s a young girl innocently playing with a very basic shape toy for youngsters but you can see that the shapes are representative of religious symbols such as the cross and the Star of David, the whole banged into the dividing wall is the shape of a heart. The shapes of this toy are normally a circle or a diamond.

Questions are sparked such as is the artwork supposed to suggest “love not war” or that love is the missing piece to the puzzle or perhaps “love will always win”. Who knows but great to see more inspiring and thought-provoking work from this street artist. 

Have you visited this hotel? What did you think – we would love to know your opinion. Get in touch.

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