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The Unlawful Art team are over in Miami this week for Miami Art Week 2018. Miami Art Week is the host to over 20 international art fairs and sees over 1200 galleries taking part. In its 29th Edition, Miami Art Week is a hub for anyone looking for a bargain art buy or for art connoisseurs to cultivate larger collections. Unlawful Art is really interested in meeting, networking and perusing the works of up and coming street artists and checking out the exhibits of those far more established such as the two exhibits that Banksy has on offer to view in the sunshine state this December.

Should Street Artists Exhibit?

The Art Newspaper begs the question “Street art is on the rise at fairs—but does it undermine the point?” Unlawful Art has headed over to Miami to check out the work and see what’s happening on the street art scene. Many suggest that the purpose of street art is to be provocative, it is to disrupt settings that are more often than not commercial or institutional and by taking the pieces away from the street and into a gallery or exhibition amongst the rest of the art world defeats the whole objective.

Banksy In The Sunshine State

The Art Newspaper also reported that Banksy had yet again had Banksy’s work yet again had unauthorised” exhibitions, this, year exhibiting not one but two shows. They said “the art of Banksy (Magic City Studios, until 28 February 2019), organised by his former agent Steve Lazarides and featuring more than 80 indoor pieces, and Saving Banksy Miami (Superchief Gallery, until 9 December), which centres on a giant rat he stencilled on a house in San Francisco in 2010. Until recently, his works were relatively inexpensive (less than £1m for a painting), but his shredding stunt at Sotheby’s in October, ostensibly intended to unsettle the market, has in some instances doubled his prices”.

Looking forward to getting stuck in at Miami Art Week. If you want the full rundown of artists, locations, and schedule the New York Post has that covered. Watch this space for street artist news updates from Unlawful Art. 

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